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We Are Leaders, Educators, Innovators,
and Agents of Change.


We deliver intentional high-impact workshops, trainings, and speaking engagements that cover a range of topics. We will work with you to create a transformational experience that will engage, educate, and empower your audience and participants.


Workshops + Skillshares

Our custom workshops educate, empower, and equip participants to achieve personal, professional, and organizational goals.


Keynote Speakers

Take advantage of our timely, innovative, empowering and engaging speakers and invite us to your campus.


Program Development

We offer bespoke program design services from conception to  implementation.



20 Proven Leadership Skills for Emerging and Thriving Leaders by Lead Motivate Inspire Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Kelvin J. Harris.

In this E-Book, Harris presents a holistic, integrated, principle-centered approach to becoming a great leader in business and within organizations.

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